Last Sunday, God used Rob Kendall’s powerful testimony and convicting message to speak to many of our hearts and to call us to a deeper level of discipleship that includes serving others and caring for the poor.
His prophetic voice for change and passion for true Christ-likeness is certainly needed in our churches.
Rob offers a fresh breath of life and some clarity to our call to love and serve the poor.

Jennifer Chapman
Pastor of Student and Family Ministries
Denton First Church of the Nazarene

Rob Kendall is an articulate and engaging speaker. Rob’s presentation style is humble and conversational, which allows him to connect with the audience on a personal level. The first time I heard Rob speak, I found myself personally challenged to do more in my community. While Rob is very well prepared and an informed teacher, it isn’t just what Rob has to say, but how he says it that will leave the greatest impression.

Carmen Powell
Volunteer Coordinator
Against the Grain

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