After years of struggling and utter moral failure, Rob Kendall discovered real forgiveness and his plans were finally coming together. He had achieved his dreams. His family was being restored, he owned a successful business, part of great church with the social life and connection that he had worked for, but God had a different plan for Rob’s life. At his wife’s urging, Rob took a year-long sabbatical in search of “something worth dying for” and God called them both walk away from the American Dream to a life of full-time ministry. Rob, and his wife Meredith, Co-Founded Against the Grain, an organization that serves those who are often dismissed and forgotten; those Jesus would call “the least of these”.

As a husband of nearly 30 years, a father of three adult children and grandfather of two, Rob doesn’t have a Doctorate or Masters in Biblical Studies but has a life full of experiences. He transparently shares his successes, failures and lessons from the Sabbatical. Rob’s personal testimony is the foundation of his ministry, and his background in leadership and ministry make him a strong Bible teacher. Rob’s goal is to challenge complacency among believers through his own experiences of living life Against the Grain and God is using him to shakes things up a bit; challenging Christians to get out of their comfortable walk and radically submit their lives, their fame and their fortunes to Christ.

Today, Rob continues his work in ministry as the Executive Director of Against the Grain, a nine year old not-for-profit organization that educates and empowers men, women and children who have a history of abuse, addiction and negative cycles. He provides consulting and training to other non-profits as well as a coaching and strategic planning for business executives. He has been the featured speaker at seminaries, special events and churches. Rob is currently working on three books – Lessons From a Sabbatical – Living Against the Grain, Can’ts, Don’ts and Won’ts – A Biblical Approach to Global Suffering and Pain and Lesson From an Affair.

As a speaker, Rob has several topics of interest:

  • Personal stories of success and failure.
  • Lessons from a Sabbatical – Living Against the Grain
  • Lessons from an affair – Guarding your head and your heart.
  • Can’ts, Don’ts and Won’ts – A Biblical Approach to Global Suffering and Pain
  • Dual speaking engagement (with his wife Meredith Kendall) great for couples events and weekend retreats.

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